Therapeutic Herb Manual

Therapeutic Herb Manual


thm_coverThe purpose of this book is to serve as a “ready reference” on the safe and effective use of liquid herbal extracts. Although much of the language used throughout this text is in the vernacular of modern orthodox medicine, and diseases are often referred to by specific medical names, it must be understood that in traditional herbal medicine disease is not seen as a separate entity and therefore is not treated as such. Disease is actually an interrelated set of underlying conditions manifesting as a specific set of symptoms. Modern medical science classifies these symptoms into collective categories, gives each category a name (e.g., eczema, allergies, hypertension, etc.), and then tries to cure the patient by treating the symptoms. The herbalist, however, is more concerned with treating the patient, not the disease, and does so by improving the overall health of the patient and by removing the underlying causes of the disease.

Herbs by themselves can only be expected to do so much. For optimal results they should be used in the context of a natural wholesome diet, ample exercise and rest, a positive attitude, fulfilling work, and a simple lifestyle. This combination will almost always have a favorable influence on one’s health and often induces healing where modern medicine has failed. The information presented in the following pages has been gleaned from 30 years of experience as a medical herbalist and from extensive academic research of herbal literature that ranges from ancient herbal texts to modern phytopharmaceutical journals. However, it must be understood that there can never be any guarantees that herbs will always help or heal every health problem for which they are indicated. There is no form of medicine, herbal or otherwise, that can make such a guarantee.

The Price of Freedom is Responsibility

It is every American’s inherent right to freely choose for themselves whatever type and source of healthcare he or she deems appropriate. However, it must be emphasized that practicing such medical freedom requires the responsibility of acquiring valid health information and skills, having the wisdom to recognize when professional healthcare is needed, and to choose that healthcare wisely.