Ed’s Biography

Ed’s Biography

edEd Smith

Ed Smith, popularly known throughout the herb world as “Herbal Ed,” has been working as a medical herbalist for over 25 years and is founder and co-owner of Herb Pharm, an organic herb farm and herbal extract company located in Williams, Oregon.

Ed is an internationally known teacher and lecturer on herbs and herbal healthcare, and appears at many herbal gatherings, symposiums and expositions throughout the world. His work and teachings incorporate old-world herbal folk knowledge with modern herbal science, and also express his love for Nature and her plants.

Ed is a founding member of the American Herbalist Guild and has served on its board of directors. He taught at The California School of Herbal Studies for eleven years, and is a regular guest lecturer at the naturopathic medical schools, Bastyr University and National College of Naturopathic Medicine. He is also a frequent speaker at Natural Products Expo (East & West) where he lectures on herbal healthcare and is a particular favorite for his well-attended medicinal herb walks.

For two years (1978-80) Ed worked and co-lectured with Dr. John Christopher, and, with him and others, co-founded and served on the board of directors of the Foundation for Natural Living and The Pacific College of Naturopathic Medicine.

For two years (1975 -77) Ed worked and lectured with Dr. Ann Wigmore at the Hippocrates Health Institute in Boston where he was senior lecturer and practiced as a natural healthcare counselor and massage therapist.

In his constant search for herbal knowledge, Ed travels frequently throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and the South Pacific seeking out medicinal herbs and knowledge of their health-promoting powers. It is this worldly perspective, his integration of old and new herbal knowledge, and his vast herbal experience that make him such a highly respected herbal teacher and resource.