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Venus' Flytrap




Venus' Flytrap

Dionaea muscipula
Liquid extract made from the expressed juice of
fresh whole plants, distilled water and grain alcohol.

History: The information below is based upon the research and clinical experience of the German physician, Helmut Keller, MD, who pioneered the use of Venus’ Flytrap in medicine.

Actions: Dr. Keller’s research indicates the following actions of Venus’ Flytrap: Cytostasis. Mitotic inhibition. Immunoinduction and immunomodulation. Antiviral. Analgesic.

Uses: Immunodeficiency diseases. Adult malignant tumors. Ulcerative colitis. Crohn’s disease. Neurodermitis. Multiple sclerosis. Primary chronic polyarthritis.

Dr. Keller claims that partial to total remissions have been achieved in glioblastomas, hypernephroma with lung metastases (not bones), pancreas carcinoma, viral induced tumors in the ear, nose and throat, adenocarcinomas of the lung and colon. In CML and CLL, remission time is prolonged together with the use of chemotherapy. He says in all the other malignancies Venus' Fly Trap extract decreases the suppresser cells, increases the helper and natural killer cells, and therefore improves the patient's general condition.

Dose: Take 50 drops, 3 to 5 times per day.

Cautions: None known.

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