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Male Sexual Vitality

Mother's Lactation Tonic

Mullein • Garlic


Sexual Tonic for Men

A blend of the liquid extracts of:

• Chinese Ginseng root (Panax ginseng) 30%
• Sarsaparilla root (Smilax (ornata) regelii) 30%
• Maca root (Lepidium meyenii) 30%
• Cardamom pod & seed (Elettaria cardamomum) 10%

• Dried

: This compound is an adaptogenic tonic with an emphasis on the sexual energy enhancing properties of adaptogens. Its overall action is to nourish and tone the male sexual glands and to enhance their healthy production of sexual hormones.

Uses: Can be used as a maintenance tonic to support good sexual health, and as a restorative tonic in cases of sexual weakness. Specifically indicated in cases of sexual exhaustion, debility and neurasthenia, and is especially indicated for male sexual impotence.

Dose: Maintenance Tonic: Two or three times per day, take 30 to 40 drops in water. Restorative Tonic: Three or four times per day, take 40 to 50 drops in water.

Cautions: The extra energy experienced from taking this formula may cause sleeplessness in some men. If this happens, do not take drops in the evening.

There are no known contraindications to this compound. However, sexual dysfunction may indicate more serious medical problems that should be diagnosed and treated by a qualified healthcare practitioner.

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