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Good Mood Tonic

St. John's Wort

Depression & Anxiety Remedy

A blend of the liquid extracts of:

* St. John’s Wort flowering tops(Hypericum perforatum) 35%
• Ashwagandha root (Withania somnifera) 30%
* Skullcap flowering herb (Scutellaria lateriflora) 25%
• Prickly Ash bark (Zanthoxylum clava-herculis) 10%

* Fresh • Dried

Action & Uses: Mild relaxing sedative, antispasmodic and muscle relaxant. This compound is indicated in depression and despondency, and associated anxiety, nervous agitation, stress, restlessness and sleeplessness.

While this compound can often help in relieving anxiety, it cannot be relied upon during panic attacks. However, its use over time may help to decrease the intensity, frequency and duration of panic attacks.

For positive results in the treatment of depression, its use must be continued for several weeks to several months. However, it should not be relied upon (especially by itself) in the treatment of severe or manic depression, psychosis or suicidal tendencies.

Dose: Three to five times per day, take 30 to 50 drops in water or chamomile tea.

Adjunct Therapy: For adrenal support and to increase overall energy without using stimulants, take 30 to 40 drops of Eleuthero Extract with each dose of Good Mood Tonic.

For additional support of the nervous system take 30 to 40 drops of Nervous System Tonic with each dose of Good Mood Tonic.

For sleeplessness take 30-40 drops of Relaxing Sleep Tonic one hour before bed and again just before bed.

Cautions: Neurotic depression and prominent anxiety can be very serious mental health problems, especially if there is acute anger and rage, or suicidal tendency. Seek help from a qualified mental healthcare professional if symptoms seem overly troublesome or out of control.

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